CBD Drink to Prepare Yourself Before Your Public Speech

CBD Drink to Prepare Yourself Before Your Public Speech

Speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking and most people have this phobia. This is a common form of anxiety and can range from slight nervousness, increased heart rate, quivering voice, sweaty hands to dangerous levels of paralyzing. This type of anxiety can be very challenging for anyone, especially for youngsters. 

There are pharmaceutical drugs to deal with this issue, but they have got potential side effects since they are not naturally created medicines. One of the main drawbacks is that one gets addicted to those drugs. It would be better if we have a natural cure that treats anxiety efficiently. 

Many studies conducted on Cannabidiol (CBD) are proving that CBD is promising in treating psychological and physical issues. The main benefit of CBD is that it won’t give the user a high effect while providing all the health benefits of the plant.

To get the benefits of all cannabinoids of the plant, you need to buy full-spectrum CBD oil. But there are so many unscrupulous sellers in the market and you may end up buying adulterated products. Buy organically grown hemp CBD products of your choice in JustCBD Store. They also provide third-party lab results to prove the originality of their products.  

Studies conducted show that CBD is reducing the nervousness and cognitive impairments in patients having social anxiety and help calm them. Trials also show that CBD acts as an antidepressant on users.

Administering CBD For Anxiety

You can consume your daily dose of CBD in quite different ways. The most common form of administering CBD is the sublingual method. CBD oil or tincture is placed under the tongue to get absorbed into the bloodstream directly.

You can also vape raw CBD oil but it is not the best method of consuming especially if you have any lung-related issues. 

CBD is also available in soft gel capsules and other edible forms like gummies, candies, cookies, and CBD infused beverages. 

While you can buy CBD beverages, you can also make your own drink in a few steps. All you need is CBD oil or tincture. You can get this in bottles of various quantities with a dropper to measure your dosage. Here is one simple honey and lemon tea recipe infused with CBD, that you can easily prepare and have before your speech.

You will need:

1 cup of water

1 teabag

1 tablespoon lemon juice

2 tablespoon honey and

Your desired CBD dosage

To prepare your tea, just boil water and transfer it to your mug. Add your tea bag and wait for two minutes to get infused. Now add lemon, honey, and CBD. Stir well and that’s it! You can enjoy your flavorful drink that will take care of your throat. 

You can add your CBD to any of your favorite drinks, hot or cold beverages or smoothies and even to cocktails. 


There is no standard CBD dosage. It differs for persons, their health condition, and their internal chemical balance. Always start with the lower dosage. Read the label for the recommended dosage. You can adjust your dose depending on your need. Consult your doctor if you have any health conditions.