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DeadLights Horror Fiction Magazine Anthology

Shotgun! Strange Stories Anthology

TBA Anthology for DeadLights contributors high school age and below; proceeds to charity.

A line of Straight-to-Kindle Novels & Single Author Short Story Collections

Title TBA
Title TBA

A DeadLights Anthology From the writers of DeadLights

An anthology (Title To Be Announced) of original short stories from the writers who have appeared in DeadLights Horror Fiction Magazine. This anthology is by invitation only. We will not be accepting submissions for this anthology. It will appear on Kindle with the possibility of a limited paperback and/or limited hardcover release.

More to come …

DL Micro-Press

A Shotgun! Strange Stories Anthology From the writers of Shotgun!

An anthology (title and art TBA) of original short stories from the writers of Shotgun! Strange Stories (and under the previous Shotgun Horror Clips logo). This anthology is open to submissions from only those who have been published in our free-to-read E-Zine. It will publish every six months in a limited edition, mass-market sized paperback, and will be available on Kindle.

First publish date: TBA

Submissions open: June 1st, 2017 – June 30th, 2017


Only short stories between 2,000 – 4,000 words will be accepted, and Flash Fiction 300 – 700 words. Above or below guidelines will be rejected. Harsh, I know.

Stories must continue the theme of the magazine, Shotgun! Strange Stories – the stranger, the better. Avoid overt sexual situations and violence without reason for it.  

No Reprints. No Multiple Submissions. No Simultaneous Submissions. Originals only! Bring your best work!

More information on manuscript format to come …


.01 cents per word up to $40 (4000 words).  

1 paperback contributors copy + 1 epub copy of anthology.

Story rights return to the author upon publication.


When submitting, email subject should read LastName_Strange Stores_Anthology

All stories will be read by David M. Wilson and edited by this same strange fellow.

Only 10 Stories will be accepted – keep your quills sharp, my friends!