DeadLights Network

Join the conversation! 

The DeadLights Network is a way for writers and artists to get in touch with one another. If you’re brand new to writing horror, brand new to writing in general, or brand new to publishing, this is a great place to connect. If you’ve been at the horror writing game a while, this will be a great place for you to connect and chat about what it is that you do so well!

You will be able to set up a profile, upload a profile and cover photo, send and receive both public and private messages, add friends, and interact in groups that are pre-made … or, hell, why not make your own! 

How to register 

Registration is easy! In the upper left hand corner of this page, you should see a ‘log in’ and ‘register’ option. Click register, enter in some of your information, and boom! You’re in. All that you need to control your content can be found in the drop down menu underneath the ‘DEADLIGHTS NETWORK’ tab. But if you have any questions, you can email either our main email address, or you can contact us by looking under the ‘members’ tab! 

Rules & Regs

  • No Keyboard Warriors. We are all professionals looking for professional connections. Constructive criticism is often welcomed, but other forms of criticism is not.  In other words, don’t be an asshole. 🙂 
  • Leave Religion and Politics out of the conversation, unless it relates to your work – and even then, tread lightly. We’re here for horror fiction, let the news cover the horrors of ‘real’ life. 
  • Have fun! And stay scared.